David Erick Ramos

A native of San Antonio, TX, David was introduced to the ocarina through the 1998 Nintendo video game, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. After receiving his first ocarina back in 2000, he played as a hobby until 2007 when he began posting music videos on, quickly gaining a large following. He now has over 58 million video views and nearly 200,000 subscribers on the platform.

With a collection of 200+ ocarinas from the last 160 years, David has toured the country educating the public on the history and development of the instrument, as well as teaching thousands of people how to play the ocarina with his educational video series, “OcTalk!”.

David initiated the first major US Ocarina Gathering in 2009, held in Seattle, WA, which was sponsored by Songbird Ocarina and SMule Inc. He also represented the United States as a featured performer at the 2011,  2015, and 2017 International Ocarina Festivals in Budrio, Italy.

Since 2012, David has partnered with JMP Productions and Nintendo of America to present a series of ocarina workshops in New York City to promote the traveling symphonic tour, “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses”, as well as performing with the symphony and as an opening act.

In 2013, David successfully raised over $23,000 via crowdfunding for his debut studio album, “Leave Luck to Heaven”, including 10 original compositions. He toured the United States in 2014 to promote the album and is currently working on a second original album due out in Fall 2017.

In effort to continue his educational efforts, David also raised $13,000 in 2016 to self-publish an ocarina method book, and is currently planning a tour of “ocarina workshops” for public schools around the US in 2018.

In 2017, David also performed with “Video Games Live”, the longest running video game symphonic tour, founded by gaming industry veteran, Tommy Tallarico.